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The main goal of our network is to support at-risk students and scientists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia with all our efforts on their academic path. For this purpose, SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office developed a database which contains institutional and private help offers for affected academics from free university places to teaching and research opportunities in German educational institutions.

Would you like to help? Wonderful! Please fill out the questionnaire. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


Our mentoring program establishes contact between at-risk students, scientists and academics in Germany who offer their personal, professional, and academic support. The program is aimed at academics who emigrated as well as those who continue to reside in their home countries.

Other forms of support

We are grateful for any form of support you can offer – such as job opportunities for our target group, hosting public events, help with publication projects, or financial contributions.

Feel free to contact us for this and any other questions at: Thank you!