SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office

Providing counseling and emergency aid for academics affected by the war in Ukraine and political repressions in Belarus and Russia

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At risk means affected by the war in Ukraine as well as politically persecuted in Belarus or Russia

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I would like to support scholars / students at risk

I am ready to provide colleagues from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia with practical advice, professional networking, etc.

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Russian government designates our parent organisation akno e.V. as an “undesirable foreign organisation”

The Russian Ministry of Justice added the Academic Network Eastern Europe to a list of “undesirable foreign organizations” on 4 December.

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Monitoring Report

Ukraine 2022-2023

Threats to science and higher education after the full-scale Russian invasion

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Monitoring Report

Russia 2022/2023

Persecutions in the academic sphere and forced emigration

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Visibility for #science from #Ukraine:

In 2012, a team of young students from Donetsk invented the Enable Talk glove.

It helps people with a hearing impairment communicate, by turning gestures/sign language into speech.

Exactly 1 year ago today, Belarusian student Raman Karpuk was arrested for allegedly distributing leaflets calling for fair elections. In August 2022, he was sentenced to 3 years in a general-security penal colony.



3 reasons why host countries should support refugee scientists:

1️⃣Living up to one’s potential is a matter of dignity.
2️⃣Only if they preserve their skills will they be able to rebuild their home country.
3️⃣Until then, host countries benefit from their expertise.

A letter from Kharkiv

Oleksij Serdjuk is Professor of Sociology at Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

This is his gripping account of what happened on 22 February, 2022 and the months after:

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SCIENCE AT RISK Emergency Office is a project founded by the Academic Network Eastern Europe, akno e.V., that provides support to academics and students that have been affected by the war in Ukraine or by political repression in Belarus and Russia.

We are one of the few organizations that act as a point of contact for those affected, providing verification, counseling, and emergency assistance for at-risk scholars and students from that region.

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